New England Patriots Stats

NFL season 2014 is fast approaching. Many teams are starting to rebuild and acquire some great athlete and players. With the rebuilding process, for sure, the management is carefully looking at their team’s stats and standing last season. For the New England Patriots Stats, here’ some.

New England Patriots Stats

PASSING YDS – 10th overall

RUSHING YDS – 9th overall

OPP PASSING YDS – 18th overall

OPP RUSHING YDS – 30th overall

New England Patriots finished the 2013 NFL season with 12 – 4 WL.

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NFL Fantasy Football Rankings 2014

The NFL season is about to start for 2014. Some teams wanted to start big and some teams are wanting to really rebuild before the kick off begins. One thing is for sure though, the fantasy football rankings and standings are about to change.

We all know that the Broncos and Seahawks top the standings last season. Broncos is hailed as the number 1 offensive team while Seahawks are well known for their defensive prowess. In terms of standings, they really showed that they are both number 1 at their respective areas. Last SUPERBOWL, it’s the number 1 defensive team that claimed the crown. Indeed, they are seeded at the top spot of fantasy football rankings.

Next season, expect big changes and improvement from the other teams. Expect lots of defensive upgrades especially for the Broncos team.


Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Projections 2014

If you wanted to know some news and tips around the Miami Dolphins fantasy projections and rankings, this article about Miami Dolphins 2013-14 Fantasy Football Recap. It will give you good insights on what’s new and what’s hot in the fantasy football league involving the Dolphins.


The article discusses some few things that Miami Dolphins needs to get and needs to do for this 2014 season. It’s a good hint or tip for your next fantasy football moves.

Visit the article for more information. I am quite sure it can help you dominate your fantasy football league.

Premier Fantasy Football Source

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Hope with the above links, you can get a good mainstream idea of the fantasy football. Stay tuned for in depth analysis and fantasy football tips and advice.